Fillet (textile)

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Filet (from French filet = yarn, net) refers to a lattice tulle in the textile industry (also: filet tulle ).

The fillet tulle is a tulle with approximately square openings and is usually suitable for embroidery . It consists of three different thread groups: the standing threads, the pattern threads and the warp threads. The framework is formed by the standing threads (also called warp threads) that run parallel at certain intervals. The pattern threads run along these, the square openings of the tulle being created by changing from one warp thread to the other. The binding threads connect the warp threads with the pattern threads and thereby give the fabric support. In historical embroidery, the net is knotted from a continuous thread. In German-speaking countries, the term of filet crochet is also used for crocheting of curtains , window frames or borders used.