Fyodorov DF-1

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Fyodorov DF-1
Type: Reconnaissance plane
Design country:

Plant No. 15

First flight:


Number of pieces:


The Fjodorow (also: Federow) DF-1 ( Russian Фёдоров ДФ-1 ) was a Soviet reconnaissance aircraft at the beginning of the 1920s. There was only one copy of the type.


Dmitri Fjodorow began with the design work in the winter of 1920. The DF-1 should be usable as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft and achieve a range of 4000 km (!). Optical features were the rearward-swept outer wings of the biplane and the suspension of the fuselage between the wings. A Maybach motor with 280 hp, which came from a shot down German airship , served as the drive .

The construction of the DF-1 in Plant No. 15 was carried out under the most adverse economic conditions and was almost completed when Dmitri Fyodorov died in February 1922 after a serious illness. The work was, however, continued from May to June 1922 resulted pilot Ryabov , along with engineer Uspaski as observers flight testing by. The performance of the DF-1 was satisfactory, but the aircraft was destroyed by a crash landing before the tests were completed. Work on the type was then stopped, especially since Plant No. 15 was closed.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
length 9.7 m
span 15.0 m
Wing area 91 m²
Empty mass 2650 kg
Takeoff mass 3350 kg
Top speed 170 km / h near the ground
Range (theoretical) 4000 km

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