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Blowtorch in use

In today's parlance, a blowtorch is a small, handy propane or butane-operated gas burner , but its field of application is not limited to soldering (preferably plumbing or heating installations, but also brazing ). The blowtorch is also suitable for lighting a grill, removing (burning off) paint, for gratinating and caramelizing or, in general, for heating (preheating) objects (such as glow-head motors ). Until the 1970s, gasoline-powered blowtorches were widespread and popular because of their readily available, inexpensive fuel and high performance.


The blowtorch was invented around 1797, in other sources in 1799 by August von Marquardt in Eberswalde . Spirit steam was used as fuel . The Swede Carl Richard Nyberg developed a new gasification technology in 1881/82.


Vulcano petrol blowtorch in operation

Originally, the blowtorch was only with petrol (Katalyt-, benzine , petroleum spirit or unleaded gasoline than without additives) fuel operated. In order to reach the required gasification temperature of the fuel, it must be thoroughly preheated (usually with spirit or gasoline). Caution is advised: If the valve is opened prematurely or if the pressure builds up too early or too early, the gasoline can escape or shoot out of the burner nozzle in liquid (instead of gaseous form) and there is a risk of meter-long flash flames or an explosion (safety distance to all combustible materials!). Although gasoline-powered blowtorches are usually equipped with a pressure relief valve and / or overheating protection, these do not protect against all accidents. In the course of the 1970s, they were increasingly replaced by gas-powered blowtorches (mostly with butane gas cartridges ) in industry, handicrafts and gradually also in agriculture , which are much easier and safer to use.

Other meanings

The term blowtorch is also used in aviator language for an afterburner .

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