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Basic data

developer FlashDevelop team
Current  version 5.3.3
(February 20, 2018)
operating system Windows XP and above
programming language C #
category IDE
License MIT license
German speaking Yes

FlashDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Flash applications.

It uses the free Apache Flex SDK for creating ActionScript 3 and MXML applications, the free MTASC compiler for creating ActionScript 2 applications and the free Haxe toolkit for creating ActionScript 3, PHP , Neko or JavaScript applications. The IDE offers code completion and syntax highlighting for the languages ActionScript (2 and 3) , XML , MXML, HTML , PHP and CSS .

FlashDevelop is open source software under MIT license . It can be expanded using a plug-in architecture and is only available as a .NET application for Microsoft Windows .

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