Fragmenta historicorum Graecorum

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The Fragmenta historicorum Graecorum (FHG) are a collection of text fragments from works by over 600 authors from ancient Greece that have otherwise not survived . These are quotes from later (mostly Roman ) authors from the individual works.

They were edited by Karl Müller , supported by his brother Theodor Müller for volume 1, and by Victor Langlois for volume 5, 2 with the fragments that have only survived in Armenian . The volumes were published from 1841 to 1884 in Paris by Firmin Didot in the Scriptorum Graecorum bibliotheca series . A Latin translation was added to each text. The first volume also contains an edition of the Marble Parium and the Greek text of the Stone of Rosetta with a French translation and commentary by Jean Antoine Letronne .

The collection of Greek historians was continued by the fragments of Greek historians published by Felix Jacoby since 1923 . This edition has practically completely overhauled and replaced the Fragmenta historicorum Graecorum ; today it is only of scientific historical value.


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