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A free agent , in German usage without a club or without a contract , is a player in professional sports who does not have a valid contract with a club, a corporation or a franchise in his league and who is therefore allowed to switch to a club of his choice at his own discretion. Free agents in US sport can be players whose contract with a club has expired or who have not been signed by any club in the drafts .

Regulations of the DFL

According to the regulations of the DFL , a player without a club can also be granted a license to play after the transition period I (usually July 1 to August 31). This is no longer possible after the end of changeover period II (usually January 1st to January 31st).

US sports

In some professional leagues, a distinction is made between an "unrestricted free agent" and a "restricted free agent". The unrestricted free agents can choose their new association as they like, with the restricted free agents there are contractual restrictions by their previous association, e.g. B. a preferential right with the same conditions or compensation through transfer fees or draft-place swap.

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