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An open-air road (often also a country road ) is a road outside of local areas according to the road traffic regulations in Austria . The term says nothing about whether it is a priority road , a federal road or another type of road. In Austria, the terms “local area” and “open country” are only linked to whether a street (more precisely: a stretch of road ) is driven through after the traffic signOrtstafel ” (“end of town”). The maximum permissible driving speed on open roads is - unless more specific restrictions apply - 100 km / h for cars and motorbikes, 80 km / h for cars with heavy trailers and 70 km / h for trucks.

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  2. Definition of the road according to the StVO as “a certain area of ​​land including the structures in its course and serving this traffic”. § 2 Paragraph 1 Z 1 StVO; The street in the common sense is a piece of street named with a name or a street or an indication of a route