Peace of Bucharest (1886)

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The peace of Bucharest ( Bulgarian Букурещки договор ) of February 19th jul. / March 3, 1886 greg. ended the Serbian-Bulgarian war . The trigger was the union of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia and the power that had grown as a result, through which Serbia had felt threatened. In addition, Serbia wanted to prevent the events from spreading to Macedonia , where significant parts of the population were also striving for unification with Bulgaria.

The treaty was signed in the presence of Abdulla Madshid Pascha , the representative of the Ottoman Empire to which Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia were nominally subordinate. The Serbian politician and ambassador in London signed Čedomilj Mijatović for Serbia and Ivan Geschow , Director of the Bulgarian National Bank , for Bulgaria .

The treaty consisted of a single sentence, according to which peace and the status quo ante between the two countries was restored. The Serbian side rejected demands to include the term friendship in the contract . Although Bulgaria was the clear winner of the war, there were no changes of territory or war compensation for either side. However, the treaty cemented the Bulgarian position for the recognition of its national unification, which the great powers had previously opposed to.

The contract read:

“La paix est rétablie entre le Royaume de Serbie et la Principauté de Bulgarie, à dater du jour de la signature du présent traité. (German: Peace will be established between the Kingdom of Serbia and the Principality of Bulgaria and will apply on the day the present contract is signed.) "

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