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Basic data

developer Fujaba Development Group
Current  version 5.2.2
(April 28, 2009)
operating system Multi-platform (Java)
programming language Java
category UML tool
License LGPL

Fujaba is a UML tool . It is written entirely in the Java language and is therefore platform-independent . Fujaba is being developed by the Fujaba Development Group at the University of Paderborn in cooperation with other universities (including Kassel , Bayreuth , Darmstadt ). The name Fujaba is an acronym for From Uml to Java And Back Again .

Fujaba uses UML class diagrams to model the object structures of a program. For the operational specification of the behavior of individual methods, Fujaba offers UML activity diagrams , whereby the individual activities contain a special type of UML object diagram . The execution of these object diagrams is based on the theory of graph replacement systems . The object diagram describes a situation to be searched for in the runtime data of the program and how the object structure found is to be changed. Ideally, the developer can then generate his complete program as compilable Java code.

Work is currently underway to enable the reverse route as well. Fujaba can be expanded using plug-ins . In addition, Fujaba4Eclipse is developing which Fujaba is to integrate into Eclipse .

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