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GENDEX ( GEN ealogical in DEX ) is the specification of a data format with which references to genealogical websites are transferred. A search server (e.g. FamilyTreeSeeker) can collect this data and centrally find millions of family tree pages on the Internet.

GENDEX format

Each line of this ASCII file stands for a person's GENDEX record . Each data record consists of the following fields, which are marked with vertical bars '|' be terminated.

Referenz|Nachname|Vorname /Nachname/|Geburts-Datum|Geburts-Ort|Sterbe-Datum|Sterbe-Ort|
  • 1st field: The reference describes the variable portion of the URL on the corresponding person page on the homepage
  • 2nd field: Surname
  • 3rd field: Full name in the same format as in the GEDCOM name field
  • 4th field: date of birth or christening
  • 5th field: place of birth or baptism
  • 6. Field: Date of death or burial
  • 7th field: place of death or burial


;; Hier steht ein Kommentar
index.htm#I0001|Mustermann|Erwin /Mustermann/|30 JUN 1899|Berlin|20 SEP 1905|Hamburg|
index.htm#I0002|Schmidt|Eva /Schmidt/||Berlin||||

If this GENDEX file under

then the entries refer to these person pages:

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