Galaction and Episteme of Emesa

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Galaktion and episteme (s) from Emesa are a martyr couple, victims of the persecution of Christians under Decius . Their festival is on November 5th.


Saint Galaktion is the son of pagan parents, Cleitophon and Leucippe , who were also converted and baptized by Onuphrius.

The Holy Episteme, descended from unbelieving parents, was baptized before their marriage. She remained a virgin after the wedding and lived with her husband in separate monastic houses.

They suffered martyrdom around 250 after being betrayed as Christians. After their extremities were severed, they were beheaded. Galaktion was baptized by Onuphrius. When no priest was on hand because of the persecution under Decius, he baptized his stepmother and, like her, led a hermit life.


They are mostly depicted as hermits or as martyrs with limbs cut off. Their veneration takes place almost without exception in the Eastern Church .