Gankino Horo

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The Gankino Horo (also Gankino Choro , Bulgarian Ганкино хоро , to German The Dance of Ganka ) is a Bulgarian folk dance , Horo in the Kopanitsa rhythm (Bulgarian Копаница) in 11/16 time. It belongs to the dances with an “odd” or “asymmetrical” rhythm .


The name is derived from the female first name Ganka, which means something like "Ganka's dance". Originally from western and northern Bulgaria, it became popular across Bulgaria through the activities of amateur folklore groups in the second half of the 20th century .


The gankino is a variant of a "Kopanitsa" (from Bulgarian "kopaj" - chop) (this name refers to the various foot and leg movements that are reminiscent of gardening). With the odd number of strokes, it belongs to the "crooked" dances (Bulgarian "Krivo Horo"), as well as the "Bučimiš" (with 15/16 - 2-2-2-2-3-2-2) and the actual "Krivo Horo" (with 13/16 - 2-2-2-3-2-2).

The rhythm of the gankino or the Kopanitsa is 11/16 time (at a lively tempo of approx. 180-190 eighth notes / min.) With the typical distribution 2-2-3-2-2 (short-short-long- short-short-).


Typical are running steps on the eighth note, "sovalkas", stompers, hops, jumps, sweeps, kicks in the air, sickle movements of the lower leg, blows of the foot on the ground, etc., which are combined in a variety of figures. The dance is particularly suitable for the dancers to demonstrate their dexterity and dancing skills. As a rule, the gankino (or the Kopanitsa) is danced in a mixed row in a simple hand-held version, in a belt or cross version. The best dancers occasionally form a separate row to dance particularly difficult, spectacular figures with high jumps, squats, squats, etc.


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