German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA

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Hockemeyer Hall - Washington headquarters

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA is dedicated to the history and culture of Americans of German descent in the United States of America . It is based in Washington . In 2006 it emerged from the United German-American Committee (the United German-American Committee ), which was founded in 1977.

The aim of the 1977 by Dr. The organization founded by Hans R. Haug is to bring the history of the German-speaking communities in the USA and the cultural tradition of emigrants into national interest. The "German-American Heritage Center" wants to encourage all Americans of German descent - according to the organization itself, 60 million people - to track down their European roots. The center wants to document the entire diversity of German-American history and its achievements, art and culture and should be a forum for open discussions.

According to its own information, the organization has 18,000 members worldwide, almost all of whom are recruited from the USA.


  • Strengthening the awareness of the German roots.
  • Support of efforts for cooperation between German-Americans and their organizations.
  • Active promotion of the German language and German culture.
  • Promote relations between the United States and Germany.

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