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The society for the utilization of ancillary copyrights mbH ( GVL ) is a German collecting society within the meaning of the collecting societies law (VGG).

It was founded in 1959 by the Deutsche Orchestervereinigung (DOV) and the German national group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The managing directors are Tilo Gerlach and Guido Evers. The total income of GVL in 2014 was 163.4 million euros.

Areas of activity

The company adopts the secondary exploitation rights of related rights in the field of music, film and television for all types of media true. GVL's authorized users are performing artists, sound carrier manufacturers, organizers and video clip producers. Secondary exploitation rights generally include exploitation actions that follow the first exploitation to which the author or the ancillary copyright holder is entitled. In the case of the GVL, it is primarily about the use of sound carriers (e.g. CDs ) or image / sound carriers (e.g. DVDs) in the form of broadcasting, retrieval, feeding radio broadcasts into a cable network, at events and in restaurants, by renting (e.g. video library) and lending (e.g. public library). In addition, it also claims the so-called recorder and blank media levy ( §§ 54 ff. UrhG ), i.e. H. the remuneration for the permitted private reproduction ( private copy ) according to § 53 paragraph 1 sentence 1 UrhG, which is not the individual user, but the manufacturer or importer of z. B. has to pay blank CDs.

In contrast to GEMA , which safeguards the rights of authors (composers, lyricists) and their music publishers , the company represents the rights of performers (i.e. performing artists) or their recording companies . In addition, u. a. also an actor and dubbing actors , artistic spokesman, stuntmen or dancer GVL their secondary exploitation rights transferred. At the end of 2014, over 140,000 artists and phonogram manufacturers entrusted GVL with their rights management.

The company is also responsible for issuing label codes (LC).

The collection leads in certain areas GEMA by. The Central Office for Private Transfer Rights (ZPÜ), an amalgamation of all copyright collecting societies, is responsible for collecting the recorder and blank media fees .

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