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The tick or Hakerl ( Austrian German ) is a symbol that is used to mark things as “correct”, “good” or “done” or to select them from a list.

A sign that competes with the tick is the cross ×, which can take on the meaning of the tick , e.g. B. in elections. In different cultures such as B. in Japan, errors or incorrect answers in exams are marked with ticks.

Character encoding

Unicode contains different check marks:

Coding in Unicode
Unicode number character description Official name block
U + 2713 (10003) checkmark CHECK MARK Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 1F5F8 (128504) ? Thin check mark LIGHT CHECK MARK Various pictographic symbols (1F300–1F5FF)
U + 2714 (10004) Bold check mark HEAVY CHECK MARK Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 2705 (9989) White bold check mark WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 2611 (9745) Checked box BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK Various symbols (2600–26FF) (Note)
U + 1F5F9 (128505) ? Box checked in bold BALLOT BOX WITH BOLD CHECK Various pictographic symbols (1F300–1F5FF)
U + 237B (9083) Crossed check mark NOT CHECK MARK Various technical symbols (2300–23FF)
(Note) Immediately before (U + 2610/9744) the empty box ☐ and then (U + 2612/9746) the ticked box ☒.

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