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The Kreuzchen or Kreuzerl (Austrian) is a character in the form of a St. Andrew's cross .


As a symbol

The sign is often found in geometry , technical drawing , plans and related areas:

  • Identification of a circle - or radius (circular arc) center ( DIN 406 degree-registration in drawings Part 1) - there but typically (in the form of the "+" plus sign , simple cross within the meaning Reticle ) or a centerline cross pulled up to the bow.
  • In some applications, such as sectional drawing , the marking of an auxiliary or dimension line with × ––––––– × , then this dimension is referred to with “ × - × ” in text notes
  • In the map display, for example: - × - · - × - · - × - for blocked state border , or = × == × == × = for blocked streets (in street maps, for example, in the sense of "not with trailer", or " winter block " for To find pass roads ).

As a character

Mark with a cross

U + 2612.svg

In the German and Anglo-Saxon cultural areas , the little cross or a cross is often used to select from a list (e.g. for elections ): The selected suggestion or list item is "ticked". The expression “tick the box” in the sense of consent is derived from it. Otherwise it is also common to use the tick ✓ to “tick” .

Hand signals for a signature

Illiterate people can sign official documents with “three crosses” as a hand sign - here there are × -variants next to + -forms. Even today, a signature must be certified in this form (for example: "A signature that is not made with the name signature, but with a simple hand sign - the most famous are three crosses - requires certification by a notary" § 126 dBGB).

"Ausixen" of text

"Ausixen" dates back to the time of telex and typewriting : the letter X is used to delete invalid text passages. In today's word processing, strikeout is common ( strikethrough text ), analogous to handwritten strikeout of text.

Character encoding


Unicode contains different little crosses (the letters listed above can be found in the respective alphabet and are not specified again here):

Coding in Unicode
Unicode number character description Official name block
U + 00D7 (215) × Mark (note 1) MULTIPLICATION SIGN Latin-1 Supplement (0080–00FF)
U + 2573 (9587) Frame drawing element diagonal cross BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT DIAGONAL CROSS Frame drawing characters (2500–257F)
U + 2715 (10005) Mark X MULTIPLICATION X Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 2716 (10006) bold mark X HEAVY MULTIPLICATION X Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 2717 (10007) choice -X BALLOT X Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 2718 (10008) bold option-x HEAVY BALLOT X Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 274C (10060) cross sign CROSS MARK Dingbats (2700-27BF)
U + 1F5F4 (128500) ? Cursive cross BALLOT SCRIPT X Various pictographic symbols (1F300 to 1F5FF)
U + 1F5F6 (128502) ? Bold cursive cross BALLOT BOLD SCRIPT X Various pictographic symbols (1F300 to 1F5FF)
U + 2612 (9746) checked option box (note 2) BALLOT BOX WITH X Various symbols (2600–26FF)
U + 1F5F5 (128501) ? Box ticked in cursive BALLOT BOX WITH SCRIPT X Various pictographic symbols (1F300 to 1F5FF)
U + 1F5F7 (128503) ? Box ticked in bold BALLOT BOX WITH BOLD SCRIPT X Various pictographic symbols (1F300 to 1F5FF)
U + 1F5F3 (128499) ? Ballot box with voting slip (note 3) BALLOT BOX WITH BALLOT Various pictographic symbols (1F300 to 1F5FF)
U + 2613 (9747) St. Andrew's Cross SALTIRE Various symbols (2600–26FF)
U + 1F7A8 (128936) ? Thin St. Andrew's Cross THIN SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7A9 (128937) ? Light St. Andrew's Cross LIGHT SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7AA (128938) ? Medium thick St. Andrew's cross MEDIUM SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7AB (128939) ? Fat St. Andrew's cross BOLD SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7AC (128940) ? Heavy St. Andrew's Cross HEAVY SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7AD (128941) ? Very heavy St. Andrew's cross VERY HEAVY SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
U + 1F7AE (128942) ? Extremely heavy St. Andrew's cross EXTREMELY HEAVY SALTIRE Geometric shapes, expanded (1F780–1F7FF)
(Note 1) The character entity times is named for this character in HTML and can be used with the syntax ×.
(Note 2) The two characters immediately preceding are the empty box ☐ (U + 2610/9744) and the checked box (U + 2611/9745).
(Note 3) The representation of the character by the Unicode consortium takes place with a ticked voting slip. Various scripts follow this, especially since the consortium explicitly refers to the symbol BALLOT BOX WITH X(U + 2612). Based on the name alone, an empty or checked ballot paper could also be displayed.

TeX / LaTeX

In the markup languages ​​of the formula set TeX or LaTeX , one encodes:


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Individual evidence

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