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The higher technical examination is an educational offer at the tertiary level in the Swiss education system .

Requirements / admission

As a rule, a federal specialist certificate ( professional examination ) and two years of professional experience are required to be admitted to the examination. Individuals are admitted to individual examinations with a high school diploma , university degree, ETH degree or equivalent training and at least three years of practical experience in this professional field.


The higher technical examination represents a demanding professional further education. The courses are practice-oriented and particularly promote the ability to think methodically and networked, to analyze job-related tasks and to put the knowledge acquired into practice. The content of the examinations is regulated by the responsible organizations in the world of work and examined and recognized by the Swiss Confederation. You can prepare for exams in public or private schools or independently.


Higher technical examination with a federal diploma


The higher technical examinations have their origins in the master craftsman examination which was anchored in the Vocational Training Act in 1933. The higher technical examinations have developed beyond the craft and are therefore also highly recognized in IT and accounting, for example.

The masterpiece still exists in certain craft professions, but it has given way to a diploma thesis, especially in service professions. The diploma thesis (depending on the examination regulations) can be the handling of a project, but also a theoretical work.

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