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The Handbook for the Good Housewife is rumored to have appeared in Housekeeping Monthly on May 13, 1955 . It describes how a good wife should behave. The text was distributed by email together with supposedly authentic images , initially in the English-speaking area under the title Good Wife's Guide , and later also in the German-speaking area.

In the face of a lack of evidence, there have been great doubts about the stated origin of the article, so it must be assumed that it is an e-mail hoax or a modern day saga .

The article advocates attitudes towards gender roles that cannot be reconciled with equality between men and women.


Research confirms the suspicion that the manual is a hoax . According to the website snopes.com, the inscription " The Advertising Archives " on the right edge of the picture in the English version is a hoax, as the archive in question was only founded in 1990. There it is also described that the existence of the magazine “Housekeeping monthly” could not be confirmed by the authors. It can also be read there that the image used comes from a 1957 title page of John Bull magazine. According to another internet source, the text has been circulating by fax since at least the 1980s . The text also mentions a dishwasher, which was practically non-existent in private households in 1955.

Individual evidence

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