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The federal law on the protection of personal freedom during the stay in homes and other care and support facilities , abbreviated title Home Residence Act , abbreviated HeimAufG , is a law in Austria . With effect from July 1, 2005, it closed a legal loophole with regard to the implementation of measures restricting freedom .

The scope of application is according to Section 2, Paragraph 1: “This federal law regulates the requirements and the review of freedom restrictions in old people's and nursing homes, homes for the disabled and in other facilities in which at least three mentally ill or mentally disabled people can be looked after or cared for . In hospitals, this federal law is only applicable to people who need constant care or supervision there because of their mental illness or mental disability. "

The following is defined as a restriction of freedom in Section 3 (1): "A restriction of freedom within the meaning of this federal law exists when a person being cared for or cared for (hereinafter referred to as resident) changes location against or without their will by physical means, in particular mechanical, electronic or medicinal Measures, or the threat of which is prevented. "

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