Heat protection spray

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When treating with a straightening iron, the hair is severely damaged by the heat.

Heat protection spray is used for hair care . It is supposed to protect the hair from drying out in high heat.


Heat protection spray is mostly used on damp hair. The hair should be treated from a distance of at least 30 cm to ensure that the entire hair is surrounded by care and protective molecules. In addition, the heat protection spray should be spread through the hair with a comb. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the approach is also sprayed. In order to achieve complete care of the hair, the hair should be sprayed again with the heat protection spray after the heat treatment (using a blow dryer, straightening iron , curling iron , etc.). Heat protection sprays are leave-in products, which means that the spray does not have to be rinsed out after treatment.


Declaration of the ingredients of a heat protection spray according to INCI

The list of ingredients in heat protection sprays is long. Most sprays contain, for example, aloe vera juice , wheat proteins , argan oil , coconut oil , macadamia nut oil , almond oil or grape seed oil . Many sprays also contain vitamin B5 , which gives the hair more shine and body. At the same time, the tips and scalp are more resilient. Nowadays, many sprays also have a UV filter for sun protection. Color protection is usually included in sprays for colored hair.


High temperature, for example from a straightening iron or a curling iron, can cause great damage to the hair, e.g. E.g . : dull hair, split ends , frizz or hair breakage. The heat spray wraps around the hair like a coat during the treatment. This prevents the hair from being dehydrated by the heat. Some sprays even have two phases, so that both heat protection is guaranteed and the hair is given additional moisture. In addition, heat protection sprays can prevent split ends and static charging after styling.

Forms of trade


The spray is liquid heat protection that is usually available in spray bottles. This is then lightly massaged into damp hair.


In contrast to the spray, the heat fluid is thicker and should be applied immediately after washing.

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