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The hydro-Chemie (from Greek ὕδωρ HYDOR " water ") and water chemistry or aquatic chemistry as a branch of Hydrogeologie describes and analyzes the substances occurring in the water. Key parameters such as temperature, pH value , redox potential , electrical conductivity and oxygen content are determined for an initial assessment. In addition, water samples are the contents of elements ( cations , anions and non-charged complexes) and organic contents analyzed . From this, conclusions can be drawn about the quality and origin of the water, but also possible contamination.

The chemical components in the solvent water are, in addition to the microbiological assessment with regard to bacteria and viruses for the operation of waterworks (drinking and industrial water supply) and sewage treatment plants , the use of water for irrigation purposes in agriculture, the use of water for industrial purposes and the Use of mineral and medicinal springs and, in general, hydrology an important criterion.

Water Science

Water Science is the subject that deals with the chemical and microbiological aspect of water quality . The University of Duisburg-Essen has been offering water science as a bachelor's and master's degree since 2001 .

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