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As hypervideo is called a variant of hypermedia , when as a basic medium video files are used. The content of the videos is supplemented by hyperlinks , so-called hotspots . The “Aspen Moviemap” is considered to be the first hypervideo application.


Hotspots serve among other things

  • for navigation in the video itself
  • as access to other videos and
  • as access to further information

The design of the hyperlinks and their representation in the video can be done very differently. For example, the links can move with the objects in the video with which they are associated. In addition to entertainment aspects, hypervideo is particularly used in e-learning environments.


Today, hypervideos are becoming more widespread thanks to Web 2.0 technologies. Video portals such as YouTube use the technology to annotate the media . While the video is playing, z. B. A message is displayed at the bottom. Companies use the technology to add hotspots to their promotional videos, e.g. B. to place in the form of speech bubbles .

Web links

Individual evidence

  1. Aspen Moviemap - Virtual journey through previously recorded rooms
  2. Michael Naimark: Aspen Moviemap