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INSA-Consulere GmbH , the "Institute for New Social Answers", is a market and social research institute based in Erfurt. Part of INSA-Consulere is the Consulere Verlag, which among other things publishes the results of INSA-Consulere.

The former politician Hermann Binkert founded INSA-Consulere on November 26th, 2009. In addition to the headquarters in Erfurt, the company has a branch in Berlin. The company has around 80 permanent employees, including ten academic staff and around 70 part-time interviewers. The company's customers come from politics, business and science. INSA's annual turnover rose to over one million euros in 2017.

In addition to its own telephone laboratory with telephone surveys, INSA-Consulere obtains its survey data from the online market research company YouGov . This method distinguishes INSA-Consulere from all other institutes. As a result of this process, INSA received a lot of criticism from competitors who question the representativeness of the surveys based on the online data.

INSA is known for the Sunday question, which is published every week in Bild am Sonntag .

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