I'll make you well, said the bear

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I'll make you well, said the bear (The story of how the little tiger was once sick) is the book title of an illustrated children's story by Janosch . The book was first published in 1985 and has been translated into over 30 languages.


The tiger is doing badly and simply falls to the ground in front of the forest. His friend the bear carries him home and promises: "I'll make you well". He connects and cooks for him. When the condition did not improve, Auntie Gans and the rabbit with the fast shoes came to visit him. The rabbit with the fast shoes advises the tiger to go to the animal hospital . The next day the tiger is picked up and all of his friends accompany him to the hospital. Doctor Brausefrosch notices that a strip of the tiger has slipped. After the operation, the tiger is brought home by all of his friends.


In 1987 Janosch received the Dutch Silver Brush Award for I make you healthy, said the bear .


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