International journal for philosophy and psychosomatics

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International journal
for philosophy and psychosomatics

description Scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise Psychosomatics
language German
Frequency of publication half-yearly
editor Joachim Heil, Wolfgang Eirund
Article archive previous editions

The International Journal of Philosophy and Psychosomatics (IZPP) is an openly accessible online journal. It was founded in 2009 and is the first open access journal for the psychosomatic discipline .

Content orientation

The work published in the IZPP is geared towards the goal of working on the " body-soul problem " as an interdisciplinary subject in the border area between the humanities and the natural sciences. It is therefore primarily available to authors whose contributions are devoted to the theoretical and ideal foundations of psychosomatics and applied philosophy. The magazine also sees itself as a forum for the exchange of academically and practically oriented authors and is accordingly designed to be open and interdisciplinary.

Frequency of publication

The IZPP appears regularly twice a year, whereby in each issue, in addition to works on a particular topic, general articles from the border areas of philosophy, psychosomatics and psychotherapy are published.

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