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A job search engine is an independent platform on the Internet that contains links to job offers listed online .

Career and company pages as well as online job exchanges are systematically searched with the help of a job ad crawler . The jobs found are categorized, categorized, listed on the job search engine platform and collected in the job search engine index. The job offers can then be queried online with the help of links to the source pages.

Search functions

Job search engines enable targeted searches for categories such as occupation or activity, industry, employer or place of work. For this purpose, job offers are subjected to complex semantic analyzes and the relevant information determined is then saved in the job search engine index.

Differentiation of job exchanges, job portals

Job Market

A job exchange is an online job market on which job offers and / or searches are displayed which, in contrast to the job search engine, are original entries. On a job exchange, job offers from various companies or job requests from several applicants are made available. Like the job search engine, the job exchange is used to search for personnel or jobs on the Internet, but unlike job search engines, the entries are not made accessible through links to original web addresses, but are received and published by the operator of the job exchange. Job search engines have the clear advantage that they do not only display job advertisements that are subject to a fee. As a result, the aim is to have the most comprehensive market overview possible.

Job portal

Job portal is the superordinate category for online job markets. Both job boards and job search engines fall under this term.

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