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The Yugoslav Muslim Organization ( Bosnian Jugoslavenska Muslimanska Organizacija , JMO , Cyrillic  Југославенска Муслиманска Организација ) was a Bosnian political party in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia . It was founded by Mehmed Spaho on February 16, 1919 in Sarajevo and was the successor to the Muslim National Organization ( Muslimanska Narodna Organizacija ) in Austria-Hungary . The Yugoslav Muslim Organization quickly dominated political life in Bosnia and called on Muslims throughout the Kingdom of Yugoslavia not to emigrate to Turkey .

The JMO joined a short-lived alliance with the Slovenian People's Party and the Croatian Republican Peasant Party well after 1921 . After the alliance broke up in 1925, the JMO was politically isolated and attacked by Serbian paramilitaries.

In the 1927 elections, the party was discriminated against, but nevertheless joined the Serb-dominated government. From now on she changed her profile and emphasized that she was more of a Bosnian party than a Muslim or Yugoslav party like the Džemijet . The party was banned in 1929 by King Alexander I along with all other parties.

Election results:

year proportion of Seats
1920 6.9% 24
1923 5.2% 18th
1925 5.4% 15th
1927 2.5% 18th

Individual evidence

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