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The Canadian Privy Council ( English Queen's Privy Council for Canada , French Conseil privé de la Reine pour le Canada ), short Privy Council or Conseil privé called, is a political advisory body to the Canadian monarch . Its members are appointed for life by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister . The council was created in 1867 with the British North America Act ( renamed the 1982 Constitutional Act in 1982 ) and is modeled on the Privy Council in the United Kingdom . Canada and the United Kingdom are the only Commonwealth Realms with a body of this type. The Privy Council offices are located in the Langevin Block of the Canadian Borough.

Authority and duties

The formal authority of the Privy Council comes from the Canadian monarch, but is only exercised on the recommendation of the Cabinet , which forms part of the Privy Council. The actions of the ministers are supported by the Privy Council Office / Bureau du Conseil privé . This is presided over by the highest civil servant, the Clerk of the Privy Council / Greffier du Conseil privé , and by the President of the Privy Council as the responsible minister. Legal acts by the government must always be carried out on the recommendation of a member of the Privy Council, without exception a minister. The tasks of the Privy Council are limited. These include, among other things, the proclamation of a new Canadian monarch and the declaration of consent to royal weddings.


The Privy Council includes all current and former ministers of the Federal Cabinet, the chairman of the Supreme Court and all former governors-general. Opposition party leaders are also occasionally accepted. By law, all members of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service 's governing body must also serve on the Privy Council. The Prime Minister can also include other, mostly prominent persons, on the Privy Council, which is considered a great honor. The provincial prime ministers do not automatically belong to the Privy Council, but are appointed members on special occasions.

Crown councilors may be addressed with The Honorable or l'Honorable , particularly high-ranking persons with The Right Honorable (le très Honorable) . In addition, they are allowed to use the initials PC (French: CP) in their name.

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