Kasper Straube

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Kasper Straube , also: Kaspar , from Bavaria was a pioneer of the printing trade abroad in the 15th century.

The oldest printing work in Poland is his Latin almanac Cracoviense ad annum 1474 ( Calendarium Cracoviense , Cracovian calendar) from 1473, a one-page astronomical almanac for the year 1474. Although Straube remained active in Cracow until 1477, printing in Cracow and Do not finally establish Poland until after 1503.


  • Joannes de Turrecrematas : Explanatio in Psalterium
  • Franciscus de Platea: Opus restitutionum usurarum et excommunicationum
  • Augustine: Opuscula (de doctrina christiana, de praedestinatione sanctorum)

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