Sermon for children

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Sermon for children

The sermon for children is a religious speech by an adult to children in the context of worship and congregation work. It tries to convey the content of faith in a more vivid and elementary way than in a sermon for adults, in order to make them understandable for children. It is also shorter than an adult sermon and not necessarily embedded in a worship service.

A sermon for children is not tied to any special places, times or structures, but is fundamentally open to all religious educational methods and aids. It is staged more experience-related than an adult sermon, which should lead to the child's own discovery of faith. As far as possible all of the child's senses are challenged and the experiences are given a religious interpretation. The sermon is held in the hope that the children will remain in the faith later.

In parishes of US children homily is an integral part of worship and Sunday School ( Sunday School ).


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