Knight Companion

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The term Knight Companion is the religious stage a one-step state Equestrian Order of the United Kingdom . For citizens of a Commonwealth Realm , the elevation to the personal nobility status is associated with the predicate " Sir ".

The Knight Companion level is usually only awarded to men. Insofar as the respective order also accepts women in the same order level, these are called Lady Companion or Lady Companion with the predicate " Lady " or " Lady " according to the respective order statutes .

The level of Knight Companion exists in the following orders of knights in the United Kingdom:

In addition, the level also exists in orders of other Commonwealth Realms:

The following British orders of knights initially had the level of a Knight Companion, but this was abolished in an interim reform of the statutes in favor of a multi-level system:


  1. a b This medal is no longer awarded today.
  2. In this order there is also the higher rank of Knight Grand Companion (GNZM).