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Lars Hugh Uno Grammy (born September 11, 1953 in Sorgenfri , Denmark as Lars Haagensen ) is a Danish musician .


He used the name Lars Hug until the mid-1980s, with Hug being his nickname. In 1987 he was sued by the owner of the name and therefore changed his stage name to Lars Hugh Uno Grammy aka Lars HUG

Lars HUG began his career in the Danish group Kliché, which was founded in Aarhus in 1977 and with which he released two albums. During a break from the band he released the album City Slang with music for Søren Ulrik Thomsen's poetry collection City Slang. The breakup of the band Kliché in 1985 marked the beginning of his solo career.

His career in Denmark is one of success. B. in 2004 the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark quoted Lars HUG in his wedding speech.

In addition to his musician career, Lars HUG is also active as a painter .

On October 10, 2016, Lars HUG announced that he would end his career as a musician after almost 36 years and from now on use his birth name Lars Haagensen again.


Studio albums

  • 1984: City Slang (with Søren Ulrik Thomsen) (Medley)
  • 1987: Kysser himlen farvel (medley)
  • 1989: Kopy (Medley)
  • 1992: Blidt over dig (Medley)
  • 1996: Kiss & Hug from a Happy Boy (feat. Once Around The Park) (Medley)
  • 2003: Save me from this Rock 'n' Roll (Medley)
  • 2014: 10 secondary stilhed (Genlyd, DK: goldgold)


  • 2015: Replugged Live (Genlyd)


  • 1993: GREATEST  (Medley)
  • 2004: Greatest HUG  ( EMI , DK:Double platinum× 2Double platinum )
  • 2012: De første fra Lars HUG  (EMI)

Singles (with awards)

  • 2014: Elsker dig for evigt (DK:goldgold)

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