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Legation secretary is or was a service or official title for officials in the higher foreign service of various countries.


Legation secretary was the official title of an official in the German higher foreign service (after a successful career test) during the probationary period. The corresponding service title for officials in the consular service was Vice Consul. Since April 2009 civil servants have been given an office with a title (here: Legation Councilor ) when they are appointed to a civil service on probation . This means that the titles of Legation Secretary and Vice Consul are no longer used. For civil servants who were appointed to the civil service on probation before February 12, 2009, the old regulation applied until the end of the probationary period.


In the higher foreign service of Austria , the legation secretary is the entry office. Provisional officials use the designation Attaché, definitive officials use the name Legation Secretary, in both cases only in Germany.


In Switzerland today the term “third embassy secretary” is used for this office.

Other states

In Italy, the "Segretario di Legazione" is also the entry office in the higher foreign service. During the first nine months, the official title is "Segretario di legazione in prova" (German: Legation Secretary on probation).

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