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The Leipzig Movement Art Prize is a theater prize for the independent theater scene in Leipzig . The prize has been awarded annually in Leipzig since 2005 and is endowed with 5,000 euros. It is supported by the Leipzig Movement Art Association. V., which has set itself the task of promoting the independent scene in the field of performing arts in Leipzig. The focus is on supporting the award winner's future productions. The idea of ​​the award arose independently of public funding as a signal from private sponsors (Leipziger Werbblatt Verlag) to theater professionals, politics and the public. The idea and conception of the award was realized in 2004 by the Leipzig cultural manager Ronald Schubert, who is also the chairman of the association - together with the former publishing director Helga Pappelbaum. The Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, has been the patron of the award since 2011 .

Since 2013 the five nominated productions have been presented in a festival, at the end of which the award ceremony takes place. For the first time in 2014 there was a special jury prize for an extraordinary talent, it went to Anne Rab.

The jury for the Leipzig Movement Art Prize is made up of five Leipzig culture experts who are active in various areas of public life.

Award winners

  • 2018 Overhead Project: SURROUND
  • 2017 Melanie Lane: WONDERWOMEN
  • 2016 Inga Gerner Nielsen and Johannes Maria Schmit : The Queeng of Ama * r
  • 2015 DAS ÜZ and pipidasdas: DARK STAR - fight the bomb, fight the crisis
  • 2014 Stephanie Thiersch / Mouvoir: CORPS ÉTRANGERS
  • 2013 Samira Lehmann / Stefan Wenzel / Michael Vogel: Der Freischütz
  • 2012 Marlen Schumann: Connection Impossible
  • 2011 Yoshiko Waki / Rolf Baumgart: ZIG LEIBER | OI DIVISION
  • 2010 Sebastian Weber (Tap Royal): The Groove Journals
  • 2009 Ulrike Schauer and Stefan Ebeling (ciacconna clox): The Wild Swans and Heike Hennig & Co: Rituals - a dance opera for Georg Friedrich Händel
  • 2008 Volker Insel: The God of Slaughter
  • 2007 Gesa Volland and Sebastian Weber: Homo Hippocampus
  • 2006 Christian Hanisch (Connewitzer Cammerspiele): Dirt!
  • 2005 Martin Heering: Assassins

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