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The beacon directory contains all information about beacons in a sea area that is important for shipping .


The beacon directory contains all the data about the beacons, including those that cannot be shown on the nautical chart due to lack of space . The beacon directory and nautical chart are therefore always used in parallel.

For each beacon the following information is given:

  • international beacon number
  • Name and place
  • Description of the fire carrier with the height of the fire carrier above the ground
  • Position ( coordinates in the WGS 84 system ; only rounded value in degrees and minutes)
  • Identifier (description of the glow)
  • Nominal range
  • Height of the beacon above water (in the North Sea at medium tide high water )
  • Comments (reliability, private property, etc.)

Data collection and publisher

The data is recorded by the authorities in the individual countries.

The waterways and shipping authorities collect the data for German waters . The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency publishes them in two ring binders in A4 format:

BSH no. title pages Publishing year Web link
4001 Southwest Baltic Sea 124 2020 [1]
4003 Southeastern North Sea 124 2020 [2]

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office creates beacon lists with worldwide coverage as part of its Admiralty Charts and Publications as the Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals .

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