Lexicon of German-Jewish authors

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The Lexicon of German-Jewish Authors is a 20-volume German-language encyclopedia on the Jewish contribution to German-language cultural history with around 1,300 biographical and bibliographical articles.

"In addition to the authors of literature in the broadest sense, there are representatives of the humanities and other public figures when their work has had an impact on German-speaking cultural history beyond their special field."

The lexicon is the most extensive German-language reference work on this topic, it was published between 1992 and 2012 and was edited by Renate Heuer from the Bibliographia Judaica archive at Walter de Gruyter .


  • Renate Heuer (Ed.): Lexicon of German-Jewish Authors / Archive Bibliographia Judaica . 21 volumes, de Gruyter, Berlin (up to volume 16 in: Saur, Munich) 1992 to 2013 (volume 21. Supplements), ISBN 978-3-598-22680-9 .

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