Lienhard of Aachen

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Lienhard von Aachen ( Lienhart von Oche , French Lienhart d'Aix-la-Chapelle ; † before 1500) was a German stonemason from Aachen of the late Gothic period in Strasbourg .

Lienhard gained citizenship in Strasbourg on Wednesday (February 9) after Purificatio in 1491 as a result of his marriage to Clara, daughter of the butcher Peter von Dachstein. A person of the same name is said to have been a member and singer of the Strasbourg Masters' Association as early as 1490 . The stonemason Lienhard must have died before 1500, because his wife Clara entered into a new marriage with another stonemason, Jörg von Mainz, on Thursday (May 14th) after Jubilate this year .

Stone carvings or songs that could be attributed to Lienhard are not known.

Individual evidence

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