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A so-called "Gadaladalällar" - a Vorarlberg shibboleth .

This article is a listing of typical Vorarlbergian words and expressions . This is not a dictionary , therefore no words should be translated into Vorarlbergian , but only terms that are difficult to understand or peculiar and typical Vorarlbergian terms are listed.


Speech sample: Hoi! It's me ... dr Michl and dr Andi ... wait, Voralbergr wia se im Buach stond ... real.

Translation: Hello! It's us ... Michael and Andi ... Vorarlbergers, as they are in the book ... real.

The dialect expressions from Vorarlberg listed below have been sorted alphabetically and translated into standard German. For expressions that only occur regionally, the respective region is specified in the Regional peculiarity column . Words that are exclusively subject to diphthongization (e.g. Hus for house ) are explicitly not mentioned. No Swiss German is listed here.

Typical Vorarlberg dialect expressions
Vorarlbergian Standard German Regional specialty
abalaikig sleazy, arrogant, from behind
abe / ahe / ahar down / down
Aegagrind Stubborn Montafon
common getting on my nerves, annoying
alanga / atopa / agrifa touch
all / allad / allig / aml always (recurring)
allbott / allpot again and again, all the time Bregenzerwald, Vorderland
Ahna, Nana; Halls, halls Pet names for grandmother (compare grandma) Bregenz Forest, Montafon
Aähne, you, Neni Pet names for grandfather (see grandpa) Bregenz Forest, Montafon
asnorrla insulting someone, insulting someone
bläga / plära cry / blare briaga in the Bregenz Forest
(umma- / amanand-) blöterla, hüsla Doing indefinite things without getting any further
Until night afternoon Lustenau
bit itch, bite (bite into something e.g.: is bread bite)
Bleaz Fur cloth, breast cloth (costume), scraps of fabric
boda quite
Bölla Onions
Breama, Briomo Brakes
brünzla urinate
bschießa cheat, cheat, cheat
bschüüßa be profitable
Budel Baby water bottle
Budsga, Bitzge Core of a fruit
Allies Meadow, pasture
Busalar / Buschla Cows
buz whole / absolute / total (buz varruck = totally crazy, buz gschied = very clever)
Büzl, Butza Pimples
a Struchate ha / ho to have a cold
uf da stubate sii The boys visit the friend's parents
Dachkärnnr, Känar Gutter
Data Father or grandfather Bregenzerwald
diasas the other, the opposite
Drüllar Clumsy dork
drülla to turn / something
Ehni grandfather Montafon
diasaweag / enaweg in this manner
Your Egg / eggs Hohenems
Euöli Egg / eggs Lustenau
it figgat something rubs (mechanically)
Firkr / Firgar / Füaggar sink
Fuckele chick
Füdla, Füdele Bottom / bum / bottom tester
forba to sweep (with a broom)
Furka Pitchfork
Gada, Gado Master bedroom Lustenau, Bregenz Forest
Gadaladalälla, Gadoladolällar Parents bedroom shutter open holder Lustenau, Bregenz Forest
gäanga / gäanka / gangga squeak, run unevenly
gäch steep
Gagla quite a few small children Montafon
Gealruaba Carrots (from yellow beets)
Gealta, Gelto Wash trough, wash tub
Gegagogabolla birth control pills Bregenzerwald
Guttoro, Güttrle Bottle, vial
güxla look carefully inside
heard (köhrig) Universal term: u. a. good (when asked about the state of health); correct (ghörig guat, an ghöriga Ma); decent (to ghöriga buab)
Gigampfa Seesaw (seesaw) / swing (swings) - play on a seesaw at the playground
Glump Scrap, crap, inferior item
gnot fast Bregenz Forest, Oberland
Goba / Goga / Göbl / Gögl / Gofa / Gaggl children
gobla babysitting Bregenzerwald
Gögle, Göbele infant Bregenzerwald
Göte or Göti / Gota Godfather (male / female)
Griad (Oagagriad; oagagriadig) Head (stubborn, stubborn) Bregenzerwald
grumpy, sealza in a bad mood Bregenzerwald
Grumpara / Grumbira Potatoes (from ground pears)
grumpy dreadful Bregenzerwald
gsi / gsin had been
gschända a child makes unauthorized disorder Oberland
Güggalar Rooster
gumpa jump around
Gunta pond
Guzg / Plapp a splash (of liquid)
hey smooth, icy, slippery
hey do to suck oneself into sb hi giga in the Bregenz Forest
Haes dress
heandervöar wrong, not right, confused Bregenzerwald
heeba hold
hoaklig very picky, especially when it comes to food
Hofele / Höfele / Höfile slowly, gently, carefully
hoi Expression of astonishment
Hördöpfl Potatoes, potatoes
Hoshat garden Lustenau
Hötl Cleaning rags, sloppy clothes Bregenzerwald
hötlat sloppy Bregenzerwald
hudla hurry, make it (too) fast, rush
hüsla play / rummage / indefinite doing
jassa / an jass macha play with jass cards ( jass )
jucka jump, hop
cool disgusting Bregenzerwald
kaia / ahe k [h] aia fall down, comes from Swiss German Montafon
Combs / combs / combs chimney
Kanabe Sofa (from french canapé)
Käsknöpfle / Kässpätzle Vorarlberg cheese dish ( Kässpätzle )
Kilka / Kir church Bregenzerwald
(a) klä / kläle / bitzle a little, a little
lumpy stingy
Kluppo / Kluppa Clothespin / n
Kog unpleasant, annoying person
Kriase / Kriasi Cherries
kripfa scratch
Kisses / kisses pillow
Kutza Blanket
lägala, bschütta Fertilize fields (with liquid manure)
live! Goodbye greetings only Lustenau
lios too little salted, tasteless
lofa, loufo go
losa / losna (to listen
loaba leave behind
Loabat / Loabate / Läbate Rest (s) of a meal
load si to be in a bad mood
lottra wiggle
soldery frail
luaga watch
lupfa to lift
mäanga a child makes noises of malaise, adults nag Götzis
Moatle, Motl, Schmelg girl
Modl Facial features Bregenzerwald
possible / easy, liabig attractive, lovable
minor, wool but
Mutz kiss
neggli surprisingly
nogger / noggat almost (from "just about")
nochejassa discuss facts that can no longer be changed
nüßa sneeze
orab The sun doesn't shine, but neither does any precipitation Bregenzerwald
pfneaschta, pfnäschta breathe heavily, puff
pfnitza sneeze
Puddle / Puddle God adoption
Pfulfa Upholstery / pillow
poshta shopping, comes from the Swiss German botta in Lustenau
potschat clumsy
Popili / Popele infant
ranscho, uf d'Ransch gong going out, traveling, hanging out Bregenzerwald
Ribl / Ribil / Ribel / Crumbs / Stuffer Traditional Vorarlberg pastry
rooss very
create work
Schesa Baby carriage, stupid woman
Schmelg / Schmelga the girl (s) Bregenzerwald
tastes good smell
Schnapfa Inhabitants of the Vorarlberger Unterland
schnorra / schnorrla rant
Schnorra Snout, mouth
schnufa to breathe
schnüza sneeze, blow your nose
Schta stone Montafon
Schträhl Comb
schträhla hairdressing, combing
Schopa jacket
schoppa (sth. schoppa) close, seal, stick in (lose sth.)
gossip talk, chat
soda to mess up, to spill sth. playing around with water
springa run
Standing rollnar (Drinking water Montafon
Tennbrogg Approach to the tennis gate Montafon
törla, tora playing around with water
ussa dua take out, remove, delete
(um-, usse-) troola fall (over, out)
shattered, shattered dizzy
Tschoopa, Schoopa jacket
Tschutta (balla) Play football (play ball)
tüntala wasting time Bregenzerwald
Türka Corn (from Turkish grain)
uffe, uffi, uhe up
dure, umme, omme over
vabudla, vorbudla, varbudla crumple
vrtnüßa suppressed sneezing
wellaweag, wega anyway, anyway, anyway
wädli fast Montafon
walle / woalle fast
wiff (wiffzack) clever, intelligent (very intelligent person)
wisala / wäsala burn down the meadow
wondrous / fury curious
washes ugly
zünsla, züsla play with fire
zweris across


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