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The fashion label from Levi's
Levi's Store on Hohen Strasse in Cologne

Levi's is a brand of jeans that of Levi Strauss founded Levi Strauss & Company . It was registered in the American trademark register in 1928. From 1934, women's jeans were also offered under the name Lady Levi's .

Jeans models

Levi's 501

The "501" (pronounced: Five-O-One) is one of the longest-produced models by Levis, and the cut has been repeatedly changed. So is z. B. the 501 model from the 1950s higher in the waistband and wider in the legs, so that the trousers were not tight at the time and are somewhat comparable to the later 501 "Anti-Form". Since 1986 it has also become one of the most popular jeans models thanks to numerous commercials.

During the Second World War the 501 was also produced for the US Army . In order to save time and material, the "wings" were not embroidered on the back pockets and these were instead painted on. In addition, fabrics of inferior quality had to be used during times of war in order to keep costs down.

The cut of the 501 from the end of 2008 is characterized by slightly narrower ankles and thighs as well as differently placed pockets. The "Vintage 1955 501" is a new edition of the 501 from 1955 and has a fairly wide, straight cut. In the model offered as “Anti-Form”, the thighs are cut wider, i. This means that the jeans are no longer as tight and the ankle width has been cut wider.

The 2010 model 501, on the other hand, has a straight cut and therefore fits tightly on the thigh, while it sits loosely on the lower leg. The crotch seam is relatively short and cuts deeply in a correspondingly small selected size. It is or was offered in numerous washes and colors (including blue, black, white and beige). With long leg ends, they can be turned inside out or cut open, as the leg ends are quite tight and especially when sneakers are used, they build up. Purists rely on the version “Levi's 501 Shrink-to-Fit Jeans”, which is completely untreated, adapts to the habits of the end user and becomes 2-3 inches smaller after the hot wash.

At times, a “Levi's 501 for women” was also sold with the number 6501 on the inside. This model was cut a little narrower at the hips.

In 2016, a variant with a narrow leg (“501 Skinny”) was launched on the market, which is offered for both men and women.

Levi's 505

The Levi's 505 is the zippered counterpart to the legendary 501. The 505 has a normal, "comfortable" rise, is slightly wider in the hip area and has straight, comfortable legs.

Levi's 507

The model 507 is a bootcut model with a slight flare , which was offered in various jeans and cord color variations. The 512 model was introduced as a modern variant of the 507 range, with the 507 still around.

Levi's 511

Model 511 is a low-cut slim-fit jeans with a tapered leg (tube) and a zip.

Levi's 512

The model 512 was a bootcut model with slightly flared lower legs and a button placket. In contrast to the 507 series, it sat quite loosely and a little lower in the hips. Until 2012 it was offered in different washes.

As a replacement, Levi's is offering the 527 model, with a zipper instead of a button placket, which is narrower and processed differently than the 512.

Levi's 514

The 514 is a straight fit with straight legs and a zip. It is available in different washes.

Levi's 525

The Levi's 525 is a bootcut model with a zip and a higher waistband and is usually offered as women's jeans with a slight stretch. The model is also available in fine cord and velvet (ribless cord).

Levi's 527

Model 527 is a bootcut model with slightly flared lower legs and a zip. The jeans fit figure-hugging, loosely on the lower legs and sometimes twisted. It is available in Germany, the USA and France and is the successor to the 512.

Levi's 529

The Levi's 529 is a bootcut model with slightly flared lower legs and a zip. The jeans are a bit narrower overall and cut a bit lower at the hips. It is available in different colors and washes with and without stretch.

Levi's 534

The Levi's 534 are skin-tight skinny jeans from the late 1980s. The fit of the Levi's 534 is more anatomical than that of early skinny jeans such as the Levi's 639. The Levis 534 is very tight, but at the same time it is particularly well adapted to the body shape. The crotch seam is very short and cuts deep because the 534 has a corresponding amount of fabric next to the crotch seam. The foot width is relatively narrow for skinny jeans.

The Levi's 534 was offered in a variety of colors and fabrics. In addition to dark blue jeans, there were also pre-washed jeans in medium blue and bleached jeans in light blue. The Levis 534 was also available in sturdy cotton in other colors such as black, white and red. This fabric adapts to the body less well when worn than normal denim.

Levi's 535

The Levi's 535 is a 1970s style jean. It has a normal waist height and sits tightly and figure-hugging on the lower body thanks to a very deep crotch seam. The jeans are cut skin-tight on the thighs and have a pronounced flare with a large foot width.

Levi's 551

A model similar to 501, but with the flare ( impact ) and mainly made in Feincord.

Levi's 603

The Levi's 603 (also known as the “Skinny Fit”) has “a tight leg below the knee” and sits “skin-tight on the buttocks”. She achieves a “massive emphasis on the body”. These jeans also have a "low rise" and are worn as "hip jeans". These jeans are cut tightly down to the feet and sit just as tight on the calves as they are on the thighs. The foot width of the Levis 603 is correspondingly small. These jeans restrict movement. There are several variants of these jeans, one in the normal, undestroyed and in a kind of destroyed version, whereby these jeans can have intentional holes and other features. These jeans are available with 100% cotton as well as with stretch content. It is closed with a short zipper. The jeans are suitable for the slim figure, for example.

Levi's 613

A typical example of a pair of jeans with “legs that are very tightly cut below the knee” and “skin-tight fit on the buttocks” achieves “massive body accentuation”, as the specialist literature puts it, is the Levis model 613. These jeans are cut skin-tight down to the feet and sit just as tight on the calves as normal skinny jeans on the thigh. The foot width of the Levis 613 is correspondingly smaller than that of skinny jeans: in size W 30, for example, the Levis 613 has a foot width of only 33 cm, while typical skinny jeans in the same size are 35 to 37 cm. The Levis 613 was available in the 1980s. Worn in a correspondingly small size, the Levis 613 significantly restricts the freedom of movement.

Levi's 631

The Levi's 631 dates from the early 1980s. These are tight skinny jeans with a relatively large foot width that are not tight below the knees. The Levis 631 is cut very tightly on the lower body and on the thighs and sits tightly. Model 631 is available in denim, fine cord and also wide cord, but not with stretch.

Levi's 639

Classic skinny jeans from the early 1980s; In relation to the waist size and how it fits on the buttocks, the 639 is cut particularly tight on the thighs. The foot width is very small and the 639 is also quite tight on the lower legs, but not as strong as the Levi's 613.

The Levi's 639 was made primarily from denim and was made in both dark blue and pre-washed in lighter blue and bleached in an almost white light blue. The model 639 was also temporarily available in corduroy.

Levi's 737

The Levis Model 737 was sold in the second half of the 1980s. With a very high waistband, this model has the typical cut of women's jeans of that time. The 737's thighs are just as tight as most skinny jeans. The foot width is very small and the pant legs below the knees are cut tighter than many other skinny jeans.

Levi's 806

When skin-tight stretch jeans became fashionable around 1985, Levis launched the 806 with the distinctive name BODY PROFILE. These jeans are cut skin-tight across the entire leg, in contrast to jeans models such as the Levis 613 or the "Big John Ultraslim" but made from stretchy denim that contains a certain amount of elastic fibers. Compared to the stretch jeans models “Skinline” and “Disco” from Mustang , the fabric of the 806 is very thick and strong. Another special feature of the 806 is that the waistband is made of normal, non-elastic material.

Levi's 835

The Levi's Twisted is a special shape whose outer seam runs from top to bottom to the front and the inner to the back. It was produced for a short time in the 1990s.

Levi's 881/882/886

These identical models offered during the 1990s are "light" (ie weakly pronounced) carrot jeans and were sometimes, but not consistently, referred to by the trade as "women's jeans". The thighs are a little wider than other tight fits, but the waistband, crotch, lower leg and foot width are very tight. Therefore, these models are well suited as skin-tight jeans for people of normal weight who do not allow the slightly “heavier” thighs to wear (put on) other narrow models (611, 613, 639, etc.). If you choose an appropriate size, the 881, 882 and 886 can also be worn as comfortable jeans. In addition to the typical denim blue (light and medium blue), these models also exist in various other colors:

  • Large quantities: white, beige, black
  • Small quantities: light red, wine red, green
  • Very rare: brown, curry yellow, dark blue without jeans washing

Levi's 726/626

These models are distinctive, typical carrot jeans with noticeably larger thighs and comfort when sitting, while the waistband and foot width remain narrower (but not nearly as tight as the 800 models). These models are aimed primarily at men, but can also be worn by women (unisex). In the 1980s there were jeans of this type under the name Levis 712 . 726 and 626 also exist in beige and black.

Levi's 901, 902, 907 and 921 Type 1

The models 902 and 921 came on the market around 2003, mostly in dark blue, while the 901 was already available for purchase in 1992. What they have in common is the button placket, a slightly changed shape of the smaller back pockets and a change in the parallel seams with threads of two different shades of yellow; by increasing the distance, these appear more prominent. The seagull signet on the buttocks is much deeper. Many specimens have belt loops that are suitable for six centimeters wide belts. These variants were available in both denim and cord.

The model 901 has a normal waist height and casually cut legs, but is narrower at the end of the legs compared to the 501.

Under the type number 902 a particularly low cut jeans (three buttons) with wide legs was produced. A special feature is the latch ("cinchback") on the back of the waistband to adjust the width.

Model 907 has flared leg ends (bootlegs) with a slightly twisted inner seam.

The 921 model has a straight cut, but is cut even lower at the front than the 902 and the button placket has only two buttons. It has no latch on the covenant.

More men's models

  • Levi's 200 bootcut
  • Levi's 401 summer jeans made of thinner fabric, fit similar to 726
  • Levi's 503 Loose
  • Levi's 504 Standard Straight Cut
  • Levi's 505 straight cut
  • Levi's 506 standard
  • Levi's 508 Loose
  • Levi's 509 Loose
  • Levi's 510 Skinny Leg
  • Levi's 514 Slim
  • Levi's 516 slim fit straight cut
  • Levi's 516 04 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 517 Slim Boot Cut
  • Levi's 518 Low Boot Cut
  • Levi's 519 Skinny Leg
  • Levi's 520 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 521
  • Levi's 522 Stretch
  • Levi's 524 Classic Straight Cut
  • Levi's 525 03
  • Levi's 527 Low Boot
  • Levi's 528 Relaxed Straight
  • Levi's 529 Slim Boot Cut
  • Levi's 533 New Loose Comfort Fit
  • Levi's 539 Comfort Straight
  • Levi's 541 Athletic Fit Tapered Leg
  • Levi's 549 Straight
  • Levi's 550 Relaxed Fit
  • Levi's 555 Relaxed Fit
  • Levi's 555 04 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 560 Comfort Fit
  • Levi's 561 Chinchback
  • Levi's 566 Sta Perst
  • Levi's 567 Loose Boot Cut
  • Levi's 569 Loose Straight
  • Levi's 581 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 615
  • Levi's 751 Standard Fit
  • Levi's 797 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 907 Twisted Boot Cut
  • Levi's 927 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 5000 Regular
  • Levi's 5003 Skinny
  • Levi's 5005 Comfort
  • Levi's Carpenter Loose Straight
  • Levi's Capital E Tapered
  • Levi's Capital E Skinner
  • Levi's Capital E Hesher

More women models

  • Levi's 022 Icon Skirt
  • Levi's 062 American Shaped
  • Levi's 063 Pillar Shaped
  • Levi's 064 Lilly Shaped
  • Levi's 471 Hiwaist Skinny
  • Levi's 473 super skinny
  • Levi's 479 Booty Flare
  • Levi's 493 Boyzee super skinny
  • Levi's 503 Skinny
  • Levi's 504 Slouch Straight
  • Levi's 505
  • Levi's 514 Slouch Boot Cut
  • Levi's 515 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 518 Boot Cut (with button placket, 100% cotton)
  • Levi's 518 Superlow Boot Cut (with zip, stretch)
  • Levi's 519 Flared (flared pants)
  • Levi's 524 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 525 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 527 Low Boot
  • Levi's 528 Slim Boot Cut
  • Levi's 529 Slim Boot Cut
  • Levi's 542 Low Straight / Low Flared
  • Levi's 544 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 556 "Billie May" regular fit
  • Levi's 557 "Eve" square cut (hip jeans, straight cut)
  • Levi's 558 "Patty Anne" slim fit
  • Levi's 559 "Marissa" square-cut boot
  • Levi's 565 Wide Leg, loose fit
  • Levi's 570 straight fit
  • Levi's 571 Slim Fit; Depending on the washing, cuts and features differ greatly.
  • Levi's 572 Boot Cut
  • Levi's 573 loose fit
  • Levi's 576 loose fit
  • Levi's 579 "Bobby Anne" Spade pocket, skinny fit (tube hip jeans with press studs and spade pockets)
  • Levi's 617 jeans vintage
  • Levi's 627 Regular Fit, Straight Leg
  • Levi's 646 Capital E Vintage Flared
  • Levi's 927 (hip jeans, flared pants with button placket)
  • Levi's 1013
  • Levi's 1014
  • Levi's 1030
  • Levi's 1031
  • Levi's 1032
  • Levi's 1034
  • Levi's 1036
  • Levi's Capital E Skimmer Skinny
  • Levi's Capital E Ruler
  • Levi's Capital E Swank
  • Levi's Capital E Cuffed Crop
  • Levi's Capital E Pencil Skirt
  • Levi's Capital E Long Shorts
  • Levi's Premium City Straight

Levi's Curve ID Jeans

In 2010 Levis presented a new series of women's jeans based on a statistical analysis of the different body shapes and proportions of women. On this basis, three cuts were developed which correspond to the different figure types. These three basic types are called Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve, and the Supreme Curve was added later.

Slight Curve: This type is intended for women with a relatively small difference between waist size and hip size. A Slight Curve emphasizes even a slim buttock.

Demi Curve: This cut is well proportioned.

Bold Curve: The Bold Curve is intended for women with a large difference between waist size and hip size. With its slightly higher rise, it underlines the curvy body shape and the feminine curves.

Supreme Curve: These jeans are for women with an even bigger difference between waist and hips. The jeans are cut slightly longer in the buttocks so that they completely cover the pronounced buttocks of the wearer. This pattern is not available nationwide in Levi's stores in Germany. The European online store also only had it on offer temporarily, in spring 2012, in only one color and only one length (32). It will still be available in many variants in the US online shop in winter 2013.

Initially, the Levis Curve ID Jeans were only offered with a low rise (low rise), but later also in a medium (modern rise) and slightly higher rise (classic rise). The model with a very high rise (hi waist) is not available in all basic shapes.

Levi's Revel Jeans

In 2014 Levis introduced a new cut called Revel, in which the area around the hips is particularly elastic. As a result, the jeans adapt even better to the body.

Levis 700

Based on Levi's first women's jeans, the 701 (the 501 was reserved for men), a new collection replaced the previous models in August 2015. The 700 series jeans are for slim women, while the 800 series jeans are for curvy women. The 800 series has been replaced by the 300 series and is designed for plus size. Thus, the curve ID scheme is basically retained.

Within a series, the numbering indicates the width of the jeans. The first number stands for the series (e.g. 700 series, 300 series), the second number for the rise and the third number for the leg course.

The 710 Super Skinny has a very slim cut, comparable to legging, and has a low to medium rise.

The 711 skinny jeans are tight around the hips and thighs, have narrow legs and also have a low to medium rise.

The 712 Slim Jeans have a slim to narrow cut and a low to medium waist height.

The 714 Straight has been replaced by the 724 High-Waisted Straight Jeans and is High Rise. It is narrow on the hips and thighs and then runs straight.

The 715 Bootcut was changed to the 725 High-Waisted Bootcut Jeans . It has a slightly higher waist height, sits narrow at the hips and thighs and then runs wide. For example, it can be pushed over boots, as is known from cowboys.

The 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans meanwhile (07/2020) replaced the 710. They have a slim fit on the hips and thighs and an extra slim leg. The waistband is high rise.

The 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans fit tightly around the hips and thighs, have narrow legs and are high-rise.

Another Super Skinny model is the Mile High Super Skinny , which is cut like a 710 or 720 on the legs, but extends above the navel at the waist.

Other brand products

Various accessories are offered under the brand name. There are real leather belts that are designed to match Levi's jeans. There are also shoes (sneakers, sandals, boots, flip-flops), socks, scarves, caps, hats, bags (real leather), rucksacks, bum bags, wallets and, most recently, sunglasses.

Levi's also sells boxer shorts for men and bras, briefs and sports bras for women.

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