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Artificial decoy

Humans use a decoy to entice other animals, mostly other wild birds, to overcome their shyness, to join them or to grab them as prey. This makes it easier for them to be photographed, caught or shot there. Used live birds or motile dummies to increase the Lockreiz. The decoy is tied up at the trapping location, held or kept in a cage there. They were also held in place with loops, glue or by blinding and other mutilation. To Decoy also replicas of decoys are used, so artificial decoys.


The use of blinded or otherwise mutilated decoys in the hunt is prohibited. Except in Baden Württemberg or for animal health reasons, the use of live animals is permitted and is still widespread, especially for pest control. Artificial decoys are only used in some types of hunting, including crows, pigeons, and ducks.

Rest of Europe

In France, Italy and Spain, songbird hunting is still practiced today. There live decoys are sometimes used as part of trapping to capture songbirds. In traditional bird hunting or bird trapping, entire batteries of cages with decoys are used in larger trapping systems. Opponents of bird hunting try to hinder it in particular by freeing the decoys. Against the background of bird flu, further restrictions on the use of decoys in hunting areas of the European Union have been issued.

Similar effects are used with the Judas goat or the use of a fox replica to attract crows.

Figurative meaning

Because of its active role and irresistible effect, the image of the decoy has entered everyday language. ' Decoys ' is the name given to people who, as dancers or playing shell games , draw potential customers or victims into a situation in which they can be taken advantage of. Also special offers , especially sporadic deals in otherwise overpriced goods, as decoys or loss leaders called.

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