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Coat of arms of the Lords Oliphant

Lord Oliphant was a hereditary British title of nobility awarded twice in the Peerage of Scotland .


The title was bestowed on Sir Laurence Oliphant . The exact date of the award of the title is unknown. It is documented that he already held the title on January 13, 1464. His great-great-grandson, the 5th Lord, renounced the title in 1630 in favor of the crown, but died before a renewed award with changed inheritance rules existed. With effect from June 2, 1633, the king finally raised his cousin Patrick Oliphant to Lord Oliphant in a second bestowal . The title eventually expired on the death of his descendant, the 5th Lord, in April 1748.

List of Lords Oliphant

Lords Oliphant (1464)

Lords Oliphant (1633)

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