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Lothar Wächter (born January 22, 1952 in Heringen-Lengers ) is professor of canon law at the theological faculty of Fulda and official of the ecclesiastical court of the diocese of Fulda .


Wächter attended high school in Heringen and studied Catholic theology in Fulda and Würzburg . On 26 June 1977 he received the Fulda Cathedral , the ordination . He studied canon law at the canonical institute of the University of Munich . In November 1986 he completed his studies with a licentiate in canon law (Lic. Iur. Can.) And was awarded a doctorate in canon law in February 1987.

On November 1st, 2002 he was appointed cathedral chapter . He is a full professor at the Chair of Canon Law at the Fulda Theological Faculty and an official of the Episcopal Church Court . As the head of the judicial authority, he is responsible for the marriage jurisdiction of the diocese.


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