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The Imperial Province of Egypt

Lucius Lusius Geta (* probably in the 1st century; † in the 1st century) was a Roman knight who, together with his colleague Rufrius Crispinus , rose to the post of Praetorian prefect under Emperor Claudius in 48 . The appointment to praefectus praetorio is said to have been made at the instigation of Valeria Messalina . According to Tacitus , Claudius's wife wanted to assure herself of the loyalty of the recipients, which was only devoted to her personally. As the influential imperial freedman Narcissus because of Messalina's marriage to Gaius Siliusfeared a conspiracy against Claudius, he therefore had Geta released from his office for the day the Empress was arrested and took over his authority himself. However, after Messalina's fall, Geta remained in office.

In 51, three years after the death of their patroness Messalina, Lucius Lusius Geta and his counterpart Rufrius Crispinus were relieved of their duties as Praetorian prefects. Her removal took place on the initiative of Claudius' next wife Agrippinia , who wanted to prevent a potential danger to her son Nero , to whom she intended to secure the throne. Because she feared that the prefects would support Messalina's son Britannicus . To this end, contrary to the principle of collegiality , she installed only one Praetorian prefect with Sextus Afranius Burrus, who was personally committed to her.

Lucius Lusius Geta was sent by Claudius on March 29, 54 as governor to the imperial province of Egypt . He carried out the office until he was recalled on November 17th of the same year by the succeeding Emperor Nero. While his former counterpart Rufrius Crispinus committed suicide in 66, nothing is known about the further fate of Lucius Lusius Geta.


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