Ma Liang

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Ma Liang (馬良), majority name Jichang (季 常; also called Bomei白眉 "white eyebrows"; † 222 ) was an advisor to Liu Bei , the first Shu Han emperor .

Ma Liang was born in Yichang, the oldest of five brothers. He joined Liu Bei when he moved to Xinye City. In Liu Bei's service, Ma Liang soon became friends with Minister Zhuge Liang . After Liu Bei took 215 Shu, Ma Liang became a counselor to the famous General Guan Yu . He was also appointed "Left General" (左 將軍 掾).

Like Zhuge Liang, Ma Liang was a proponent of relations with the Wu Dynasty . He was often sent as an ambassador to Sun Quan and respected by him. After Liu Bei declared himself emperor in 221, Ma Liang became the palace overseer. The next year he took part in the campaign against Wu and achieved allegiance to the barbarian tribes between the "Five Rivers" (五溪 蠻夷). Ma Liang then fell in the Battle of Yiling .

His son later became supreme commander of the cavalry (騎都尉).