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Marinades (in Austria: cold marinades ) are products of fish, which are made by treatment with vinegar, acidifiers, salt and other seasonings cooked. This happens without the influence of heat. Fresh fish, frozen or salted fish are used, or parts of fish are used.

Bismarck herring (as a fish roll)


Marinades are traditional products in Germany, where they were originally only made from herring . The term marinade or cold marinade describes both the watery, sour-spicy preparation in which the fish is placed, as well as the fish product itself. The name was created to distinguish this product from the so-called roasting and cooking marinades, which are actually misleading names. Fine marinades are cold marinades that are made from selected raw materials and refined with valuable additions, so-called delicatessen products.

Manufacture and designation

According to the "Guiding principles for fish, crustaceans and molluscs and products made from them" of the German or Austrian food book , marinades are placed in infusions, sauces, creams, mayonnaise or oil, also using approved preservatives, the pH value should be less than 4, Be 8.

Roll pugs with pickles

Marinades are made in particular:

  • from herring (leavened herring meat): sour herring, sour herring, pickled herring, Delikatessheringe, Kronsild , Bismarckhering , marinated herring fillets, marinated herring snacks, pickled herring , Gabelrollmops, pickled herring in herring milk sauce or other sauce or infusions, herring Stipp , as well as other Preparations made from at least 35 percent acidified or salted herring fillet, also cut into bite-sized pieces, with a proportion of other value-determining chunky side dishes such as cucumber, onions, apples, nuts; the reference to cream in the sales description;
  • from other whole or divided fish with the designation "Marinierter" or "Mariniert" in connection with the sales description of the fish, e.g. B. fillet, bites, bites, in the case of pickled products the type of ingredients is specified, e.g. B. in wine infusion, in mayonnaise etc.

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