Marinus of Bomarzo

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Marinus (Italian Marino ; mentioned between 942 and 958) was Bishop of Bomarzo , papal legate and librarian . He led the synods of Ingelheim and Trier in 948 and is said to have been involved in the founding of the dioceses of Brandenburg and Havelberg .


Marinus was first mentioned in a Roman court document in 942. It is questionable whether he was present in Magdeburg in 946 when the Havelberg diocese was supposedly founded. In June 948 he presided over the universal synod in Ingelheim as papal legate. On October 1st the diocese of Brandenburg is said to have been founded on his advice. This month Marinus chaired the Synod of Trier. On November 1st he consecrated the new Benedictine monastery in Fulda.

Between 955 and 958, Marinus is attested as papal librarian and datar.


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