Master of the chubby Madonnas

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The painter of a group of Bruges paintings who worked in Bruges in the first quarter of the 16th century is called the master of the chubby Madonnas ( fr. Maître aux Madones joufflues ) . The emergency name of the artist who is not known by name was derived from his typical depiction of the Madonna, he gives a relatively large face in all pictures of the Blessed Mother . A dozen works are grouped around the name of the master of the chubby Madonnas . Stylistically he is close to Gerard David .

Since the master of the chubby Madonnas was relatively recently recognized as an independent hand in art history from the year 2000, his precise catalog of works as well as the delimitation of works previously attributed to David are still being examined. A picture ascribed to Hans Memling could also be the work of the master.


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