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The Mensalgut ( Latin mensalis 'belonging to the table' ) is a purpose-dedicated property of the Roman Catholic Church that serves the exercise of the office of a bishop ( mensa episcopalis ) or cathedral chapter ( mensa capitularis ). The segregation of this property , also known as table goods, goes back to the 9th century . According to the current representation of the church, it is not a private property of the incumbent bishop and this bishop has an "asset management council" at his side as an advisory and control body, which is prescribed by canon law.

Example Austria

St. Georgen Abbey

According to the initiative against church privileges , the diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt should have the largest wealth of canteen goods in Austria to manage. The canteen estates of the diocese include forestry operations with hunting and fishing rights such as the St. Georgen Abbey on the Längsee and castles such as Strasbourg or the episcopal residence in Klagenfurt. The initiative against church privileges estimated the canteen assets in Carinthia at 175 million euros in 2014. The Diocese of Gurk was followed by the Archdiocese of Vienna with assets of 152 million euros and the Diocese of Linz with 32 million euros, according to the initiative.


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