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MIRS Communications Ltd

legal form Ltd
founding 1994
Seat Tel Aviv IsraelIsraelIsrael 
sales 182 million . USD (2004)
Branch Mobile communications , telecommunications

MIRS ( Hebrew מירס) is an Israeli cellular company and a subsidiary of Motorola Israel. The company operates a cellular network in Israel using iDEN technology developed by Motorola .

The most important customer is the Israeli armed forces , which equip their officers and individual professional soldiers with MIRS mobile phones. For this reason, vehicles from the army's fleet are also equipped with holding devices for MIRS telephones.

The function of MIRS has been continuously expanded over the past few years and, as of 2011, largely corresponds to the TETRA system standard known in Germany . The Jerusalem light rail system also uses MIRS as a "fallback level" if the AVLS fails .

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