Mixed abbreviation

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A mixed abbreviation is the abbreviation of words , which consists of a mixed form of an initial word (as a narrower definition of an acronym ) and a short syllable word .


  • Unimog - Uni versal mo tor g et up instrument (original spelling)
  • Degussa - De funnel G old- u nd S Ilber s cheide a nstalt
  • AWO - A rbeiter where hlfahrt
  • Apprentice - A us zubi ldender
  • BAföG - B UNDES a usbildungs rderungs g Finances Act
  • Amades - A rbeitspapiere and Ma terialien to de slide around S anguage (title of a series of publications)

Classification and demarcation

The mixing short words to the multisegmental short words counted. In this respect, they differ from the unisegmental abbreviations , which only consist of the beginning or the end segment of a full shape (such as: "battery" for battery or "bus" from car bus or omni bus ).

Within the multisegment abbreviations there are - alongside the mixed abbreviations

Individual evidence

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